There seems to be a new buzz word around the business community currently, everyone is talking about – Wellbeing.

There isn’t anything new about this term and the NHS were researching it again last year


However having attending a number of workshops and talks on this subject recently they have got me thinking about this subject.

The NHS identified 5 steps to mental wellbeing

1) Connect

2) Be Active

3) Keep Learning

4) Give

5) Be mindful – in the present moment

This proves to be a really good simple checklist which can be used to assess how you are spending your time.

On a recent Yoga workshop I was able to tick 4 of the 5 boxes (Connecting with other new people, being active – see picture above, learning and being in the present moment) It was an enjoyable but tough workshop which yielded learning both physically and mentally. It takes time out of our non working time to tick all of these 5 boxes but having tried to keep the 5 elements alive for a few months it it feels much better than just sitting in front of the television for hours so I think I agree they are good steps to mental wellbeing.

Assess yourself – how are you doing?

Do you need to make improvements in any areas?

What specific action are you going to take this weekend?







Changing Jobs – Leaving the Comfort Zone and how a job coach can help


There are many reason why we need to change jobs, a dislike, redundancy, ill health or just a need to take ourselves out of our comfort zone. We like familiar things, we enjoy being surrounded with people we feel at ease with; we like our 10.30 cup of coffee and we like our surroundings, after all it is important that you wake up in the morning wanting to go to work. Whatever the reason if you want to progress you know it is time for a change, so what is stopping you?

It may be a long time since you have been in the jobs market, and although you promised yourself to keep your CV up to date it probably needs a good overhaul to make it more current and truly reflect your most up to date skills. Most of us use social media these days and many recruiters will check out your online activities, would yours be update, or maybe you don’t have a social media presence at all. Then there’s thoughts of attending an interview, maybe you haven’t done that for some time or since leaving school! For those who suddenly find themselves in this situation through redundancy it can be quite frightening, and for those stepping outside their comfort zone it is a daunting prospect, but what of the opportunities you may be missing.

A fresh challenge, meeting new people, reminding yourself of what you are good at, personal development and reward has a real feel good factor. So how can using a job coach help? We understand how terrifying it can be to leave a job, some people jump without a plan in place, but a more strategic approach would give you a revitalized sense of purpose. Using a job coaching service will provide you with a good source of help, confidence, inspiration, and feedback and can help you to present yourself in the best way possible to help you secure that job. A job coach can help you identify gaps, overview you’re CV, help with mock interview techniques, focus on social media and more….

So when it comes to getting outside your comfort zone think about putting a solid plan in place, this will renew your confidence, highlight all those things you are good at and have probably forgotten and help you to present yourself in the best possible way . This will help you to adapt to the market place and help you to secure that all important new job.

For more information- kudos My job coach visit http://bit.ly/1hkaq5a