Are there any questions you would like to ask?



So you get to the end of the interview and then you are asked if you have any questions. I have often met people who struggle with this and flounder because they think that all their questions have been answered and feel they have nothing more to say.

Actually  this as an excellent opportunity to help improve your chances of getting the job , to really show your interest  and to evaluate if the job is what you are looking for, so seize the opportunity with both hands.

This is your chance to find out more about what the job entails. If this has already been covered acknowledge it but add that you would like to know more.

Ask more  about  day to day expectations  , does the job include travel;  if so how often, if you are required to work to tight deadlines , question if they are daily , quarterly ;  internal or customer focused.

Will you be given specific training and be able to develop your skills further; if so how, through courses, mentoring or on the job training; does this suit you learning style.

 Establish if it is an existing or new role, are there opportunities for you to grow it further and what the expectations might be. This is also a great way to recap on the skills that you can bring to the role and the organisation, remember it is always a two way thing.

Don’t feel you need to bombard the interviewer with questions , but digging deeper on a couple of areas that have been discussed or that are of particular relevance  to you will show your interest in the role at the same time as satisfy yourself that it is a position that you really want .

If you really like the sound of the job, then conclude by letting them know that you are interested, but don’t leave thinking I wished I had asked that question, the opportunity is there and with prior research and understanding of the role you are applying for will generate the questions that will add to your chances of success.