Results Day!


Over the past couple of weeks many students have received the results from degrees, A Levels and GCSE’s. Some people will have achieved more than they expected, others may be disappointed. What ever the outcome is High Performing individuals have the ability to adapt their efforts quickly in the light of new information or feedback. They also learn as they achieve and adapt their methods accordingly.

It helps to have an ideal outcome in mind and aim for this eg certain grades, getting a place at a specific university, achieving the headstand as in the picture heading this blog, however the learning may be in the journey to achieving this outcome not the outcome itself.

What have you learnt about yourself while attempting to achieve your desired outcome. Was it easier than your thought? was it far more difficult than you first imagined when you set out? Did you have to ask for help on the way? At times did is seem impossible – what did you do when you felt this way? Did you give it 100% effort at all times?

One key skill of a high performer is how they pick themselves up when things don’t go the way they wanted. How quickly they can accept what is and put together a new action plan or may be to deliberately take time out to reflect what to do next and not make any quick decisions. Take advice, consider options, speak to others who have experienced similar. All of these actions are positive and you are forming your future and your future outcomes