Choose your attitude


I met one young guy this week who made an impression. He was a new hire in one of my regular clients and he had been in position only a few months. This was our first meeting and he left such a positive impression it led me to ponder how he had managed to do this?

He was upbeat, enthusiastic and saying how much he was enjoying the job; much better than his previous role. I know for a fact when he was interviewed for the job it was his energy and attitude that led to him being offered the job over other candidates with a lot more experience.  He displayed the energy I mentioned in last weeks blog and according to the MD was a breath of fresh air!

Another person who had an amazing attitude was James Cracknell in the programme shown on Tuesday night last week .

  • Whether is getting a job
  • Learning a new job
  • Performing in your current role
  • Or coping with major change

Attitude is everything and attitude is our choice.

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